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Data-driven Digital Marketing & Content Strategy Consulting

Consulting for businesses around the globe since 2007, Vast Interactive Consulting in Atlanta delivers creatively data-driven, omni-channel digital marketing + media + content campaigns for brands across multiple industries.

From eCommerce & healthcare / wellness organizations, to start-ups & established entities, Vast Interactive weaves digital content across high-value digital marketing channels to engage online audiences and achieve KPI goals.  

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Data Analytics

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Digital Marketing Consulting

A digital marketing & content strategy keeps creative, marketing & IT teams focused on the audience, spends annual budgets wisely, and gives your brand a competitive edge. Our digital marketing consulting plans and content strategy road maps lay out realistic ways to reach target audiences with rich, relevant, synchronized digital content across optimal marketing channels.

It Can Take a Village.

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Search Marketing & Online Advertising

From search to social, paid programmatic and remarketing, these optimal digital channels can effortlessly reach ripe audiences along unique, seasonal sales cycles. Using storytelling and SEO, we engage and keep up with your key customers as they consume content – from impression to conversion – across multiple digital channels for meaningful brand experiences.

Find & Engage Your Audiences.

Digital Media Consulting

Marketing Analytics + Data Science

Overwhelmed by user data across more than 2 platforms and not sure how to reconcile? We can help you conquer your growing mountain of useful data to anticipate your audiences’ needs and make smart business decisions. With a passion for numbers, we dive into your analytics data to identify, segment and analyze key performance indicators along important user journeys.

Data is Knowledge & Knowledge is Powerful.

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Vast Interactive Consulting LLC is a Digital Marketing, Content Strategy and Data Analytics Consultancy based out of Atlanta. Since 2007, Vast has worked with businesses looking to harness the power of Digital in their marketing strategy. We work with Enterprises, SMBs and Start-Ups to craft digital marketing, content strategy and paid media campaigns that innovate and engage.

Vast provides consulting on industry best practices for organizing, updating and publishing digital content throughout an organization across multiple online platforms, front-end and back-end and as a liaison in between.  

Senior Digital Marketing & Content Strategist, Cathy Llewellyn is Principal Consultant of Vast Interactive and leads digital consulting solutions and client relationships. With over 20 years participating in the evolution of digital marketing, Vast Interactive Consulting brings a tool box of digital strategy, creative content campaigns, omni-channel marketing experience, vendor relationships and automation / technology expertise to orchestrate awesome digital marketing solutions.


More About Vast Interactive

Vast Interactive Digital Marketing Consulting Services

  • Digital Marketing & Content Strategy
  • Content Audits & Website Assessments
  • Digital Campaign Calendars & Rollout Plans
  • Data Analysis, Campaign Tracking & Audience Research
  • Search Engine Marketing – SEO + Paid Search
  • SEO Copywriting & Content Creation
  • Online Advertising Campaigns – Programmatic, Video, Social, Retargeting, etc.
  • SEO for WordPress Websites & Blog/Social Content
  • Social Media Advertising & Community Engagement Campaigns
  • Email Marketing – Campaigns & Content
  • Technical / Creative Liaison

Atlanta Search Marketing Consultant

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A Sample of Vast's Digital Marketing Client Experience

Client Testimonials

“Cathy consulted for us on a game-changing initiative that opened up new partnership doors and new sales channels for us. Her online marketing and advertising expertise formed the crux of what has become a very successful partnership for us with new customers, and a model for future business. Specifically, the ads and overall campaign have outperformed industry norms by several factors and continue to please both us and the customer we captured because of Cathy’s work. We couldn’t have been more pleased! Cathy is most creative, savvy, thorough and thoughtful!”

Sean M. / DownPaymentResource.com

“Cathy is fabulous. Such an enthusiastic team player always willing to help out and explain her craft. She digs deep into the content experience to build an extensive view that illustrates both the connections and the holes across the client’s entire landscape. With her comprehensive analysis, we are able to marry it to our usage data and capabilities views to get the full picture, a holistic vision, of where the client is and where they should be. Wish I had one of her on each of my projects!”

Frederick D. / Razorfish

“Consulting for us, Cathy has been passionate about growing our business. Cathy tackled our project systematically, first understanding our objectives and brand, and then putting in place a well-considered strategy. Employing her technical skills, Cathy was able to execute effectively across multiple channels, and is always eager for a challenge. Cathy has been a pleasure to work with.”

Daniel Y. / Black Dahlia CBD Botanicals

“I’ve worked with Cathy over the course of several years. She is a valuable, strategic partner who provided key insights and equipped us with the analytics needed to allocate our digital marketing spend to the best performing channels. I highly recommend Cathy and welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”

Connie H. / Esquire Solutions

“We’ve been working with Cathy Llewellyn and Vast for almost 3 years – she built an award-winning SEO WordPress site for 3PResources with a custom Bullhorn plug-in, and we trust her as our “webmaster” and go-to digital consultant for marketing content and SEO as we grow our business. Cathy, thanks for going the extra mile for us this year. You are so awesome to work with.”

Steve R. / 3P Resources