2012 Internet Marketing & Advertising Forecasts

As 2012 Internet Marketing & Advertising Forecasts roll out, Barclays Capital is calling 2012 a “low growth environment” for the ad agency business. While 90% of businesses plan to increase or maintain marketing budgets in the new year, budget shifts from TV & print to digital are expected to continue, with an emphasis on social and email marketing. “The firm cited local TV and radio, newspapers and outdoor media as “potential losers” as the shift continues.”

The Big Winners in 2012’s marketing mix will be Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile and Search. 60% of businesses plan to increase their email marketing budgets – with Social Media coming in 2nd (55% increase in social media spend), and 37% for Mobile/Search tied for 3rd.

The Catch? You have to track it back to ROI. Social Media integration, data integration, and ROI data analysis are key drivers in 2012, as more businesses respond to the tense global economy and marketing dollars are held more accountable.

2012 Key Challenges for Marketers: data integration, ROI analysis & resource constraints.

Social And Email Top Growing Marketing Budgets For 2012” by Jack Loechner, 12/23/11

Barclays: Lower Ad Growth For ’12” by Steve McClellan, 12/16/11