Internet Marketing Climate & What Businesses Need to Do

The 2012 internet marketing climate has smart companies focused on aligning internet marketing campaigns with their overarching business goals AND measuring all campaigns for ROI.

Businesses are taking major steps to bridge the gap between their cross-channel product offerings and how these are communicated & measured across those channels with the best return on investment: Search, Online Advertising, Mobile and Social Media. Developing a clear, well-organized strategy that translates and mingles across all online channels is #1 on their list.

The best thing about digital marketing is its accountability. With an ability to track marketing spend back to the sale, businesses have the opportunity to make their marketing dollars accountable. And, luckily, there is no shortage of useful customer data to be parsed & analyzed.

The customer data that runs across your internet marketing campaigns is a critical piece in competitive marketing strategy, offering the ability to optimize toward audience preferences, conversions & an ROI. But tackling this data beast is not easy & setting measurement up correctly from the beginning is a critical piece.

Research also shows that the top challenge for businesses is resource-related = 45% of businesses lack the time and manpower required to collect and analyze all the data. Many in-house marketing professionals don’t quite know where to start when it comes to aligning & measuring internet marketing campaigns – and these are the same resources who are already squeezed & could use a fresh perspective on the current digital landscape. Vast Interactive can help.

Vast Interactive’s 2012 Internet Marketing Planning Cheat Sheet:

1. Align Online Campaigns: Translate business goals into an organized, cross-channel internet marketing strategy.
2. Set Your Bar: Set realistic 2012 cost per conversion goals using historical data as a benchmark.
3. Measure ROI: Organize & set-up conversion-focused analytics tracking for all internet marketing campaigns.
4. Integrate: Focus on combining both Search and Social into a promotion strategy your company can maintain in a cost effective way over time.
5. Search Marketing: Optimize your website for SEO, tablets and mobile; coordinate with Google Adwords campaigns, and track ROI.
6. Social: Coordinate seasonal and search-responsive communication campaigns and involve email marketing.
7. Include Mobile: Put mobile interactivity to work in new ways to capture the attention and spend of the connected consumer.

Vast Interactive Consulting helps businesses align their digital marketing, offering turn-key solutions, from campaign planning through project execution and ROI measurement.

Contact Cathy Llewellyn to learn more about getting your internet marketing campaigns in shape in 2012.

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