Website Ad Revenue Modeling

Case Study Summary:

Vast Interactive Consulting was hired to help this consumer real estate site create an advertising offering to sell to a partner who offered supplemental services.

Digital Advertising Consulting Sales Solution
Cathy Llewellyn prepared a digital advertising model that identified valuable media placements, set industry-average advertising costs, and projected ad revenue, while bringing additional value to the company.

The Solution: Advertising Offering
After reviewing website content and analytics, and conducting market research, I prepared a digital advertising offering that:

  • Identified to spec 10 valuable media placements within company’s marketing assets – website banners, email banners, text links
  • Set industry-average advertising costs for sales
  • Projected ad revenue against seasonal pageview averages
  • Provided creative and landing page consulting to make it more likely for the consumer to click on the advertising

The Result: Ad Performance & Value Impact on Company

Banners generated a cumulative 2.53% Click Through Rate
Click / Conversion rate topped 40% for email sign-ups
Of 921 clicks on the banner, 41% (383) have registered their email and 4% (37) have registered for the course.



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