Local Marketing Case Study: Search Engine Marketing

SEM Campaign Summary & Goals

This well-known Atlanta family attraction and travel destination needed to generate more online ticket sales & memberships each month in Search over the previous year. Vast Interactive Consulting was brought on as part of the advertising team to manage this national park’s Google AdWords search campaign toward goals for 6 months.

SEM Campaign Goals: Generate more online sales (conversions) each month at a lower cost per click (CPC), over the previous year.

Search Engine Marketing Strategy & Solution


local-digital-marketing-case-study-atlantaVast Interactive’s SEM management strategy focused on reaching higher converting audiences by expanding AdWords advertising features, targeting methods, and creative/ad copy extensions.

We updated the client’s “Google footprint” using a coordinated content strategy for the Google AdWords campaigns. We capitalized on local & visiting audiences preferences around seasonality and applied a budget strategy to emphasize key events, balancing cost and competition for activity, occasion, and branded keywords/phrases.

Vast Interactive Consulting is a Google AdWords Certified Partner

Search Marketing Campaign Results

Client’s search marketing campaign successfully generated more conversions at a lower CPC and a positive ROI over the previous year using a combination of content strategy, AdWords targeting, analytics and campaign management.


All SEM project KPI’s significantly improved over the previous year (YOY Avg %Change):

  • AdWords Campaign generated +20% more online ticket sales & memberships from Search, year over year
  • Online sales increased +37% during the Summer season, over 700 more tickets sold
  • Created campaign cost efficiency: Lowered cost per click by –8%
  • Avg Click through rate (CTR) on “non branded” terms = +5.82%, two and a half times higher than category’s industry average of 2.4%
Increase in Online Sales from Paid Search, year over year