Online Advertising Campaign Case Study: Planning, Buying & Management

The Project

This smartphone case and accessories company was looking to shift its brand from middle of the pack to #1 in the premium category by orchestrating a national marketing and brand campaign centered around fashion and music. With 3 celebrity spokespeople driving the creative, this company sponsored music awards and fashion shows and ran advertising across TV, Social Media/PR and display online advertising looking to make a big statement with young adults. Vast Interactive Consulting was responsible for the digital media strategy, media buying plus creative trafficking, campaign management and reporting.

Online Advertising Solution

Our online advertising campaign strategy and media plan complemented the PR event schedule, the broadcast tv ad plan, and the creative messaging to drive impactful brand awareness, celebrity credibility, social chatter and sales of their premium smartphone accessories. We targeted Millennials & Fashion/Entertainment across a multitude of ad channels and publishers to reach high impression levels for maximum exposure.

Working on a large team with four other vendors, Vast implemented the multi-channel online ad campaign and coordinated all asset trafficking and performance tracking that included a comprehensive marketing analytics pivot table showing advertising performance by publisher, time period and creative campaign for the length of the online advertising campaign.

Online Advertising Campaign Components

0 Advertising Channels
0 Million Impressions
0 Unique Creative Ad Units

Digital Strategy / Media Planning

  • Negotiated 30% Added-Value for Aggregate CPM = <$12
  • High-profile portals
  • Trusted Music & Entertainment sites
  • Hyper-targeting audiences on trusted sites & ad networks

Online Media Buying

  • Site Retargeting
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Video Pre-roll
  • MSN, Yahoo!, AOL
  • Pandora,,
  • Hyper-targeted Ad networks

Content / Creative Banners

  • In-banner Video
  • Home Page Takeovers
  • Dynamic “Clutterbusters”
  • Audio + Rotating Gifs
  • IAB Standard Flash Banners