The Difference is a Digital Strategy

Work with an Atlanta Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant

Business owners and department heads find themselves wondering at least once in their careers – what, when and how are we going to leverage the customer data accumulating somewhere. Here’s an option. Churn this useful data into insights and create a marketing/sales picture of business-focused search marketing and online advertising campaigns that run across optimal digital channels.

A digital marketing strategy keeps online campaigns focused, spends budgets wisely, and gives your business a competitive edge. We help businesses identify the best online marketing channels to generate revenue & measure ROI and we guide the campaign as far as is needed.

The 3 Phases of our Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant Projects

Phase 1

We begin each digital marketing strategy consulting project by conducting data analyses, audience research, and client interview exercises that allow us to decode your business / brand situation. We use this information to identify cost-effective ways to reach your key audience segments using competitive advantages and the best digital marketing channels that will achieve your business goals.

Phase 2

Next, we establish valuable and realistic marketing and sales goals and craft an effective digital strategy to achieve these goals across optimal online marketing campaigns that will include:

SEO Websites | Google Adwords | Social Media | Display Advertising | Email Marketing | Online Promotions & Engaging Content Strategies

Phase 3

For a swift and nimble transition into campaign launch, Vast translates your custom Digital Strategy into a well-organized, tactical project road map. This project plan activates online marketing channels and internal teams / agency partners to implement your digital marketing strategy alongside other traditional advertising, PR and design projects.

Vast Interactive builds a seamless digital marketing campaign launch plan that maintains an uninterrupted, consistent and positive brand experience for your audiences across your brand footprint.