We are Data Scientists.

Marketing Analytics Consulting Atlanta

Vast brings data analytics methodology and measurement tools to wrangle the growing mounds of marketing data – we provide marketing analytics consulting solutions to drive business decisions.

Working with your existing data to learn about your business, we identify your marketing KPI’s and conduct data analysis by channel to decode multi-channel marketing analytics data. We turn performance data into a story that you can use to make smart digital marketing decisions.


Business spending on marketing analytics is expected to increase by 73% over the next 3 years.

– “Strong Economic Outlook Spurs Marketing Spending,” CMO Survey, 02/2015

Marketing Analytics Consulting – Technical Tracking Consulting & Implementation

We get businesses set up with the right tracking mechanisms and get them comfortable with data. We make data digestible for your marketing teams. Using a nerdy passion for facts, Vast Interactive decodes digital marketing campaign analytics data into audience trends and digestible bites of useful performance trending, uncovering new opportunities and audience segments. Through marketing analytics consulting and data analysis, we help our clients set and reach realistic marketing and sales goals.

We work with most data analytics platforms, including:

Twitter analytics consulting
Doubleclick analytics consulting
google analytics consulting
facebook insights consulting
Vast provides data analysis consulting services for most marketing analytics platforms for websites, social media platforms, email campaigns, and online advertising campaigns. At any point during your internet marketing campaign, we know how your investment is performing.

Get a Marketing Analytics solution and stay ahead of your competition.


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